Know Your Fighter: Dan Jones

Full Name:

Daniel Jones



Where were you born:

Perth, Western Australia

Where do you live:

Perth, Western Australia

Which gym do you train out of:

Luistro combat academy

Who are your coaches:

Romel luistro

What belts or rankings do you currently posses as a martial artist:


What sports or activities did you participate in growing up:

Athletics, football, bmx, skateboarding

When did you begin to take MMA seriously as a hobby and then as a potential profession:


Favourite aspect of training or favourite session of the week, and why:

Sparring, simulation

What are your greatest strengths as an athlete or a fighter:

Composed. Big hand’s, big kick’s, big wrestling

How would you describe your fighting style:


What is your favourite sport and why:

Mma, chosen sport

Who is your favourite athlete:

No one particular, depends on their beliefs and values despite success in their chosen field. Who their sponsors, funding/ donors are. If they are authentic or if they self censor to keep themselves monetised on platforms. Add to that do they critical think and did they fall for the covid psyop to stay relevant.

Who is your favourite combat sports athlete:

Mike tyson or Jon Jones on ability alone and charisma in their dialogue.

What are your immediate and long term goals:

Immediate = current fight Long term = continue competition succeeding, ufc onwards.

When fans see your name on a fight poster, what should they expect:

G.B.H …. Grievous bodily harm

How do you see your upcoming fight playing out:

Consume said individual

A final message to any friends, family and supporters:

Thank you to my family and LCA for the training and support for many years.

Where will any fans or supporters be able to find you socials:

Instagram: @Promaz2

Twitter: @Promaz02