Know Your Fighter: Anthony Drilich

Full Name:

Anthony Drilich



Where were you born:


Where do you live:

Perth, Western Australia

Which gym do you train out of:

Scrappy mma

Who are your coaches:

Ben Vickers, Brandon Drilich

What belts or rankings do you currently posses as a martial artist:

Ranked #10 pro men’s bantamweight Australia and new Zealand

What sports or activities did you participate in growing up:

Bjj, boxing, judo, mma, rugby, archery, mauy thai

When did you begin to take MMA seriously as a hobby and then as a potential profession:

Took mma seriously as a hobby around 13 and as a profession in my mid 20s

Favourite aspect of training or favourite session of the week, and why:

Favourite aspect would be technique and sparring. Learn new skills and techniques and apply them in sparring and see what works and how to apply that move in a practical setting.

What are your greatest strengths as an athlete or a fighter:

My willing to fight to the end and my pure dedication to martial arts

How would you describe your fighting style:

Clinical, precise and explosive

What is your favourite sport and why:

Mma for the fact that there’s always room to improve and get better and learn.

Who is your favourite athlete:

Manny Pacquiao

Who is your favourite combat sports athlete:

Fedor emelianenko

What are your immediate and long term goals:

To win and take over my division

When fans see your name on a fight poster, what should they expect:

That somone is going to get put to sleep

How do you see your upcoming fight playing out:

Victory by ko/tko

A final message to any friends, family and supporters:

My love and respect to the people who help and support me on my path to victory

Where will any fans or supporters be able to find you socials:

Facebook: Anthony Drilich

Instagram: @drilichmma