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E78 FIGHT03 - Joseph Davis VS Sebastian Szalay C1 Hi Res-11

Know Your Fighter: Joseph Davis

Full Name:

Joseph Davis



Where were you born:

Sydney Australia

Where do you live:

Sydney Australia

Which gym do you train out of:

Lions Den Academy

Who are your coaches:

Luke Pezzutti

What belts or rankings do you currently possess as a martial artist:

Purple Belt in BJJ

What sports or activities did you participate in growing up:

I have always trained in some form of martial arts, whether it was karate as a young kid, or boxing when I was in my early teens to now MMA since I was 13/14.

When did you begin to take MMA seriously as a hobby and then as a potential profession:

I always had the ambition to excel in the sport, and had always been competitive and keen to learn as much as possible; I always wanted to be a great fighter. I had realised my passion for fighting when I had taken my first kickboxing match in 2019 in my final high school year. Since then I have always wanted to compete and I have always wanted to win.

Favourite aspect of training or favourite session of the week, and why:

I love sparring at the end of the week. I have always valued the lessons learned from trial and error in the live rounds, whether is it light or hard sparring or even competitive grappling. It’s here I believe you find out what you’re good at and what you need to work on, and if revised properly, provides the opportunity to get better.

What are your greatest strengths as an athlete or a fighter:

My greatest strength I believe is my will and determination to win. I never give up in anything and am extremely competitive in everything I do. I always strive for perfection across my skillset and am not satisfied with anything less than 100% effort.

How would you describe your fighting style:

I am an all-rounder when it comes to fighting. I will find an advantage in any situation and capitalise on it. If something doesn’t work, I will find something that does.

What is your favourite sport and why:

MMA is my favourite sport. There is nothing more exciting than a fight to me. Boxing is a close second, but nothing matches MMA.

Who is your favourite athlete:

Jose Aldo, the king of Rio. He has been my favourite fighter for a long time. His ability to overcome adversity makes him an athlete I look up to.

Who is your favourite combat sports athlete:

Jose Aldo.

What are your immediate and long term goals:

My immediate goal is to win this fight and any fight that comes after it. Long term, I’d like to establish myself as a top fighter in the professional Australian MMA scene and take any title that becomes available to me.

When fans see your name on a fight poster, what should they expect:


How do you see your upcoming fight playing out:

I believe once the pace is set in my rhythm, my opponent will become very uncomfortable and make mistakes on which I will capitalise.

A final message to any friends, family and supporters:

A massive thank you to all my training partners, my coach Luke Pezzutti, and all my friends and family. I’d also like to thank all my sponsors who have supported me greatly on this camp: Guardian Tape, Mi5-star, Immac-Air, and BarberSquad.

Where will any fans or supporters be able to find you socials:

Follow me on @eltoro_mma on Instagram

Watch Joseph Davis fight at Eternal MMA 85 on Saturday, June 8 on

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