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Know Your Fighter: Blake Maryska

Full Name:

Blake maryska



Where were you born:

Gosford NSW

Where do you live:

Avoca beach central coast NSW

Which gym do you train out of:

Central coast MMA

Who are your coaches:

Ross pearson Jamie mullarkey

What belts or rankings do you currently possess as a martial artist:

Blue belt in jujitsu

What sports or activities did you participate in growing up:

Rugby league

When did you begin to take MMA seriously as a hobby and then as a potential profession:

Started at 15, a year and a half later I had my first fight and that’s when I knew I can make it my profession.

Favourite aspect of training or favourite session of the week, and why:

My favourite aspect of training and my favourite session is sparing because you can practice your skills in a live situation

What are your greatest strengths as an athlete or a fighter:

We’ll rounded

How would you describe your fighting style:

We’ll rounded

What is your favourite sport and why:

MMA because it’s exiting to do and watch

Who is your favourite athlete:

Cory sandhagen

Who is your favourite combat sports athlete:

Cory sandhagen

What are your immediate and long term goals:

My immediate goal is to win my next fight and my long term goal is to become the world champ

When fans see your name on a fight poster, what should they expect:

A good fight

How do you see your upcoming fight playing out:

Knock out in the 2nd

A final message to any friends, family and supporters:

Thanks for the support

Where will any fans or supporters be able to find you socials:

Instagram: Blake.maryska

Watch Blake Maryska fight at Eternal MMA 86 on Saturday, June 22 on

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